Latest news from the Practice

  • Change to pharmacy requests
    From Monday 6th February 2023 For many years, pharmacies have been able to request prescriptions from practices. We want to improve safety and reduce wastage in this process.   Local practices in Bow (Bow Health Network) and local pharmacies have agreed a  new standard approach What can my pharmacy request for me? What can’t my pharmacy […]
  • Get your prescription medication easily
    The quickest and easiest way to get your repeat prescription is through the NHS app.  If you go to the medication icon,  at bottom of screen,  it will show your items on repeat prescription.  Your request then goes straight to the GP’s inbox.  This is more direct than doing an online consultation to request. If […]
  • Consultations update
    Please let us know the nature of your problem,  whether new or ongoing,  and your expectations/ concerns.  This helps us to prioritise and get you the right help.  Not everything needs a doctor’s appointment or call.  BMA recommends 25 patient contacts per day for safe practice;  currently 60-90 is not unusual. For clinical safety, and […]

Results or Prescriptions needed? Download and use the NHS app

Please use this where possible for

  • Blood test results
  • Access to records
  • Prescription requests

You can confirm your ID online with a photo of your passport, or we can confirm at reception and grant you a PIN/ linkage code. Please let us know when you have confirmed your ID, so we can upgrade your access.

Online consultation/enquiry

We want to understand your needs in advance. Due to current volumes we can’t guarantee a consultation within 48h, but we can acknowledge and give you a timescale for response. Please flag up if the problem is new or ongoing, and if it something our reception team can help with. We need to prioritise by clinical need, and offer fair access to all.  Following feedback,  we have made the process simpler,  with new portal (July 2022)  here

This practice allows community health service clinical staff directly involved in your care to access parts of your medical record. Your consent will be asked before this can take place. If you do not wish this to happen, please let the practice know.