St Stephen’s Health Centre is an NHS healthcare provider.

We are a team, working in partnership with our local community to help promote and support health and wellbeing.

St Stephen’s is committed to providing an environment that is caring, kind and respectful to our staff and patients.

To provide the highest standard of care and treatment.

This care to be person-centered, evidence-based, and in-keeping with our commitment to the key principals of the NHS.

To use limited NHS resources in a fair and equitable way, accessible by all.

We work within an environment of continuing professional development and quality improvement.

We are a teaching practice, working with medical students and health care professionals-in-training.

Enabling patients to manage their own health and care, and to access the information they require to do this well.

Maximising the potential benefits to patients and the Practice of using digital services.

Encourage ongoing dialogue and partnership with patients, listening to feedback and ideas for change. We want to have a large and active patient participation group. Please ask our reception team for details.

Integrity & Openness: to take ownership and responsibility for our roles and actions, to promote openness, and always be honest, professional and ethical in our actions.