Please let us know the nature of your problem,  whether new or ongoing,  and your expectations/ concerns.  This helps us to prioritise and get you the right help.  Not everything needs a doctor’s appointment or call.  BMA recommends 25 patient contacts per day for safe practice;  currently 60-90 is not unusual. For clinical safety, and due to exceptional winter pressures, we are now limiting the daily number of online enquiries to which we can respond.  The portal is open from 8am daily;  we now need to close to enquiries when the daily limit is reached.

We have 5 nurses,  3 health care assistants,  2 pharmacists,  a community physiotherapist and mental health practitioner working with us.  Appointments with these experienced staff are directly bookable through reception.  GP appointments will be offered if needed.  We recommend following up with your usual GP for ongoing problems.  Please be aware there is a national crisis in GP staffing.  Thankfully we have a great team of regular GPs and trusted locums,  and are active in seeking extra help when needed to ensure sufficient numbers.

For skin problems,  please attach an image to your enquiry, as this is the most efficient way to suggest a diagnosis and treatment: for you,  for us, and for the dermatologists.  In most cases we do not need to see you in person.  For other problems we will reach a common sense agreement about whether face to face or telephone appointment works best,  bearing in mind your preference.  If an urgent same day examination is needed,  we are likely to invite you at end of morning or end of afternoon.  Please keep your preferred telephone close so we can contact you.