Here is some information on the proposed anonymised data extraction from 1st July.  This is distinct from datasharing for the immediate purposes of health care, for which privacy policy across practices in North East London can be seen here
At St Stephen’s Health Centre, as guardians of your data, we are concerned that we have not received sufficient information to be able to clarify to you, who would use your data for research and planning purposes, and whether they would use the minimum required, and whether it would be used for commercial purposes. Hence alongside other Tower Hamlets practices we are proposing to not activate this data extraction from 1st July. Below is a letter outlining some concerns from a local GP colleague .   We are happy to code any individual objections to GPDPR extraction. A form for this exists on the NHS digital site. Please complete and return to us at the practice. Apologies we are not set up to receive objections electronically at present. It is important to distinguish this new project from the existing sharing of information for everyday individual care, which we support. For instance, we can ask a specialist opinion, or if you need treatment in A+E, the staff there can access your regular medication and allergies.

We would also encourage you to use the NHS App to access your own record,  view your results, vaccination status,   request prescriptions.  This is independent of GPDPR.

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